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Practice Areas

Our experience is very broad.
We look forward to providing you with prompt well rounded and balanced advice.
Business Law


We specialize in providing small and new businesses with the foundation they need to thrive and survive.

We can provide guidance on the appropriate legal form for your business as well as advice on leases, contracting and regulatory issues.

Taking on a partner or planning for business succession? We can help.

We are particularly excited about being able to offer advice on creating the new B-Corps (Benefit Corporations) for Oregon businesses.

Marijuna Business?

We Can Help !

Employment Law


We provide advice to employees who need advice on how to resolve workplace difficulties up to and through negotiation of separation agreements that are fair and balanced. We will assist in Wage and Hour disputes. If necessary we will help you find competent counsel to bring your claims to court.

Real Estate & Development

As general counsel at the Portland Development Commission, Lazenby has worked on everything from small single family rehab projects and property acquisitions to larger projects like the make over of the old Meier & Frank building in downtown Portland and the South Waterfront developments.

He can help with your real estate acquisition and development needs !

Government Ethics

If you work for state or local government, there is a whole host of rules governing your outside relationships.

But did you also know that if you volunteer on a government committee you may be considered a "public employee" under state and local laws?
You may even have to register as a lobbyist when you try to affect public policy. We can help guide you through this maze of regulations to avoid conflict of interests for you and your business while remaining engaged in your community.


Probate & Estates

Losing a loved one is always difficult. Proper planning ahead of time can help bring peace of mind at this painful time. And if you haven't planned, we can take that burden of straightening the family's legal affairs off your shoulders.



Housing Discrimination


Have you been denied a rental because of your service animal? Do you believe that you were the victim of discrimination because of race, ethnicity or religion?

Lazenby & Associates works closely with the Fair Housing Council of Oregon to provide guidance to people who believe they have been the subject of housing discrimination.




Mediation is a collaborative process that allows parties to explore solutions to problems and conflict. The mediation process allows you to ask the right questions and focus on real needs and answers. It is a structured discussion that can lead parties to realize that what they have in common is greater than what divides them.

We can help you through this process to defuse conflict.

Cannabis Business Advice

Lazenby & Associates is eager to work with new and existing entities in Oregon's emerging cannabis industry. We currently represent and provide advice to medical marijuana growers on business structure and strategies.

We are intimately involved in the new developing recreational marijuana process. Our principal, Chip Lazenby, was recently named to the Rules Advisory Committee for the Oregon Liquor Commission. That group will oversee the development of the administrative rules for the new market.

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