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Lazenby & Associates has recently joined forces with Lee Berger of Oregon Cannabis Counsel to form Blue Dream Mediation Services to mediate business conflicts within Oregon's cannabis industry. This new venture comes at a time when the industry is undergoing intense consolidation. 
Watch this space for more details coming soon !

Chip Lazenby recently partnered with Nancy Hamilton to design and execute a management retreat for Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler's Staff . The day long project  contained team building exercises as well as skills training for better communication. The Mayor's staff is incredibly bright, young and very diverse presenting a communications challenge in a dynamic environment.

We were happy to help !

Chip Lazenby  recently worked with the Cities of Tigard, Durham and unincorporated Washington County ( Bull Mountain) on an interest-based to reach a new water resources agreement.


Lazenby & Associates now offer services for those in or entering the Oregon Cannabis business sector!

Whether you are a budding entrepreneur or an established grower, we can help with government regulation , business strategies and structure.


Lazenby & Associates are proud to be the US Counsel for Zeal Tech Ltd, a Hong Kong company importing goods into the United States.

About Us

Lazenby & Associates is a law office and consulting firm owned by Chip Lazenby. He focuses on providing practical legal advice, strategic insight and business solutions for clients. Chip can  assist in providing strategic focus for the internal and external goals of your organization.

Chip brings over 20 years of statewide experience solving complex problems with creative solutions. He also has a broad network of contacts to bring the appropriate set of skills to bear on any situation. Chip also is well-versed in the complex issues facing community and public organizations and their private sector partners.

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We provide complete non-litigation services for our clients in planning, building and growing their businesses. We work with you to meet the challenges of starting businesses, resolving business-to-business conflicts and developing business structures that will give your concern flexibility in facing the future.



We can help you devise unified strategies for complex problems public and private. As you can see from the graphic below, we have experience providing solutions that are more than just legal advice. We can help with  private development, public policy changes and giving you  the keys to avoiding political quagmires.



We also provide mediation to help you resolve your disputes. We have the training to help guide you and others in conflict through the process of finding common ground and gaining ownership of mutually satisfactory solutions.


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Lazenby & Associates

14631 SW Millikan Way, Suite 24

Beaverton Oregon 97003


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